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10 Signs Your Child Needs Help at School

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Is your child facing problems at home or school? Perhaps seeming less enthusiastic and engaged than they used to be. Do they seem sad, worried, distracted or bored? Are they struggling in school or having difficulty with friendships?

Perhaps you have a sense that something maybe wrong, but you are not sure what it is or what to do about it. You wish there were a way for them to better understand, control and share their feelings; that they could form lasting friendships and succeed in school.

Psychological testing can help to clarify the issues and find effective solutions. Here are ten signs that your child needs help at school.

  1. Trouble forming and maintaining friendships with peers

  2. Inattention, disorganization, late or incomplete work

  3. Low academic confidence or disinterest in school

  4. Anxiety talking in class, hesitancy to work in groups or panicking on tests

  5. Slow or inaccurate reading decoding or low comprehension

  6. Issues learning letters and numbers, inaccurate spelling or fatigue when writing

  7. Confusing math signs and low number sense

  8. Difficulty saying words accurately, expressing ideas or understanding language

  9. Lack of pride in school work and frequent meltdowns with homework

  10. Hesitancy or refusal to go to school each day