Comprehensive Testing

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At The Pratt Center, we specialize in comprehensive psychological testing. We evaluate intelligence, reading, written language, math, attention, anxiety, depression, memory and other areas.

Psychological Testing

Comprehensive testing at The Pratt Center takes approximately 31 hours of the psychologist's time, of which 10-12 hours is direct testing with the student.

Testing includes the following:
  • Initial video meeting, 50 to 70 minutes

  • Testing sessions, about 10-12 hours of direct testing with the student

  • Scoring of administered tests and rating scales

  • Test protocols and scoring fees

  • Review of school records and previous evaluations

  • Preparation of a detailed written report

  • Final video meeting, 50 to 70 minutes

  • Video school meeting to present results

Abbreviated Evaluations

Occasionally, a parent will request an abbreviated evaluation, such as "IQ testing only," "an ADHD screening" or "Reading Testing only." Although we certainly evaluate intelligence, attention and reading as part of comprehensive testing, we do not recommend abbreviated evaluations that focus narrowly on these concerns.

Here are a few reasons we will not complete abbreviated evaluations:

  • Abbreviated evaluations focus on problems, and they often do not include strengths. That can lead to a more negative view of the student and their potential.

  • They can lead to diagnostic errors because they are not thorough. Quite often a suspected issue turns out to be something entirely different.

  • Many issues have an impact on other skills; for instance, anxiety may impact oral reading, processing speed or working memory. ADHD may impact multi-step math problems or reading comprehension. Hence, the day-to-day impact of an issue can be lost if the evaluation is too narrow.

  • Abbreviated evaluations are often not accepted as documentation for 504 accommodations or special education services.
Hence, abbreviated evaluations are less likely to lead to accurate results and an effective intervention plan.