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Requesting School Records

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At the beginning of psychological testing, we ask parents to gather records that may help us to better understand your child. You are welcome to loan us original records that we will return, or you can make a copy for us.

We prefer to have records in a digital format, such as a PDF. They can be shared with us through Please create a folder using your child's name and put all records in the folder.

Private School Records

Private schools vary widely in terms of records they keep. However, we recommend asking for a copy of all records that they have on your child.

Public School Record Request

For children in public school, the parent (or education rights holder) has the right to request the child's cumulative record. Below is a sample list of records that you could request.

Be sure to request it in writing. You are welcome to copy, paste and modify this list as needed for your letter.

Request Letter

I am writing to request all school records for my child xx. I would like a copy of my child’s cumulative record, special education record and counseling file. That is, I would like all records including the following:
  1. All correspondence regarding my child to me or any other person, including emails, letters and memos.

  2. All attendance records.

  3. All report cards, progress reports and transcripts.

  4. All standardized testing results.

  5. All documentation related to SST, CST, 504, IEP or other school meetings and plans.

  6. All unsatisfactory reports, warning notices, detentions, suspensions and incident reports.

  7. All medical and school health records, health office logs and medication records.

  8. All audio and/or visual recordings of school meetings, such as IEPs or 504 meetings.

  9. All notes regarding telephone calls, meetings and other minutes.

  10. All assessment plans, requests and referrals for evaluation and evaluation reports.

  11. All notes of teachers, psychologists, speech and language therapists, resource specialists and other personnel who have provided services to, evaluated or otherwise have been involved in, or responsible for, the provision of a free appropriate education for my child.

  12. All notes and reports of classroom observations of my child by any school district personnel.

  13. Any other records that you have regarding my child.