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Sam Kotha, Director, The Reading Clinic

"I have known Dr. Pratt for several years. He is one of the best neuropsychologists in Bay area. I really like how he focuses on what is the right thing for the child, helps explain complex issues in simple terms. His knowledge of how the different schools work can help identify the right school for the child, and also can be of great help in navigating the school system. I found that he is very selective with his staff and every one of his staff I have interacted with is very knowledgeable and has shown high degree of professionalism."

Jan Johnston-Tyler, MA, Founder and CEO, EvoLibri Consulting

"Brendan and I serve the same population, but in different capacities, and I have had the pleasure of working with clients he has seen or is seeing. One of the hallmarks of a great professional is their reports -- how clearly they articulate the challenges, how thorough the recommendations, and how 'pro-client' the report is. Brendan's reports -- and his work in general -- score high marks in all areas. Rarely do you find a psychologist who takes the time and care to really get to know their clients. Brendan does this, and more, and his care and fastidiousness serves the community well."

Peter Isquith, Ph.D., Senior Pediatric Neuropsychologist

"Dr. Pratt is a well-trained and experienced licensed psychologist with specialty in pediatric neuropsychology who has expertise in working with children, adolescents and young adults with learning, attentional, social, emotional and other developmental and acquired challenges. He provides individualized assessment geared toward helping you, your family, and the educational or therapeutic team understand your child's unique profile of needs, and provides advocacy for accommodations and interventions as needed. Dr. Pratt is a highly skilled clinician who provides a full spectrum of personalized services."

Heidi J, Hartston, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, Psychotherapy, Rockridge

"Brendan's organization provides insightful and helpful reports and recommendations based on their thorough child and adolescent assessments. The Pratt Center is a very good place to go to have your child or adolescent assessed for any learning, mood or attention concerns. Whenever a client comes in with an assessment done by the Pratt Center I know the report will be of high quality and helpful."

Zoe Dorit Eliou, Psychologist, Private Practice

"Brendan Pratt is an excellent psychologist and his expertise in Psychological Testing of children and adolescents are top notch! He is the person to reach out to, if your child is in need for an assessment and you need help with navigating the educational system."

Lea Goldstein, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, Private Practice

"Brendan Pratt is an experienced clinician in the area of child and adolescent assessment. His assessments are consistently well done and answer complex clinical issues. His evaluations are a useful aid in my own work with teens that have been referred to him. I have enjoyed collaborating with Brendan on several cases."

Laurel Weeks, M.A., Office of Accessible Education, Stanford University

"I have referred university students to Dr. Pratt on numerous occasions, and always found him to be highly collaborative, thorough, professional, and capable of handling sensitive situations with the appropriate care. Dr. Pratt engages well with young adults; the feedback I received from students was consistently positive."

Adam Meyers, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Meyers Learning Center

"The Pratt Center provides unparalleled service and attention to its clients. Through the years, I have come to know the Pratts and their work through a shared network of educational and psychological colleagues. Time and time again, I have referred families in need of educational testing or counseling services to the Pratt center, and I consistently hear glowing feedback about their experiences. Dr. Pratt is an expert on Bay Area schools and has provided his supportive services for students and educational teams at these schools, as well as in outreach presentations to parents across Silicon Valley. He and his staff are extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and dedicated. He is known as a leader and "go-to" guy for education and counseling services for students and families in the area. I always recommend the Pratt Center with confidence."

Lisa O'Hearn-Keck, Dean of Students, Palo Alto Preparatory High School

"Brendan is a professional who is always has a warm word and smile. He helps both parents and students feel at ease and is always willing to go the extra mile to help a family or the school.. We have worked with Brendan for more years than I can remember. He is a pleasure to work with, and I would recommend him highly."

Jennie Heckman, Ph.D., Educational Connections

"Brendan and I have shared several clients over the years - and I very much respect his work with young people and their families. Brendan has extensive expertise assessing young people with a variety of often complex issues, and his Neuropsychological evaluations are thorough, accurate, and thoughtful. I have great confidence recommending Brendan to parents for the testing of their child, across age ranges."

Jonathan Purbeck, Program/Clinic Director, The Reading Clinic

"When I worked as clinic director of The Reading Clinic in San Mateo, I referred out to The Pratt Center for in-depth psychological testing more than any other practice. The quality and rigor of the assessments administrated at The Pratt Center provide tremendous insight and very structured recommendations that help parents and educators work together strategically in order to better support their children and students. Dr. Pratt and his staff provide an excellent service, and I am happy to have worked with them."

Annette Taylor, Owner, Virtual VAMPS

"Brendan is a compassionate, solid-hearted man who knows the true needs and hearts of children. Any time someone has asked me for Psychology for children my only thought is the Pratt Center. I have full confidence that Brendan and his group are a loving force that pivots a child to a place of peace, strength, and freedom."

Steven Greenburg, J.D., Special Education Attorney

"I am a special education parent attorney and have referred clients to Dr. Pratt for independent educational evaluations over the course of several years. Dr. Pratt's assessment reports are very thorough, well-drafted and easily understood by professionals and lay persons (parents). I have attended IEP meetings with Dr. Pratt and he is a passionate and effective advocate for students and my clients."

Francis Abueg, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

"Brendan Pratt is a longtime colleague and good friend. I have seen him grow his testing practice from a husband-and-wife endeavor to a full fledged center with a strong clinical staff all performing at a high level of integrity and expertise. I am happy to refer clients and families to Brendan with the full assurance that if he can help them he will and with great follow-through, sensitivity and reliable, expert-driven results. We are lucky to have him as a community resource and I am fortunate to have him as a friend."

Nancy Gill, Education Consultant, Gill Consultations

"In the many years that I have known Brendan, I have been especially impressed with his commitment to evaluating his clients' needs and then advocating on their behalf to ensure that they receive the kind of education that will allow them to thrive educationally, socially, and emotionally."