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Paying for Testing

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Psychological Testing Rates  New Testing ClientsReturn Clients
Approximate Total Hours 26 Hours 26 Hours
Psychological Testing Fee $6500 $5720
Deposit at Initial Meeting $3250 $2860

What is Included in the Psychological Testing Fee?

The rate above includes a $780 discount on psychological testing
for returning clients and siblings within the same household.

Please read the Psychological Testing Consent for Treatment form on the Download Forms Page. Psychological testing is not required before beginning psychotherapy. The initial meeting for psychological testing is billed at the rate of $250 for a 50-minute session, and it is pro-rated for actual time used. If a client does not proceed with testing, then the hourly fee is due at the end of the initial meeting. If a client does proceed with testing, then a deposit is due at the end of the initial meeting, and the balance is due at the final meeting. Families are welcome to pay by personal check at the time of service.

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