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Paying for Testing

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Psychological Testing Rates  New Testing ClientsReturn Clients
Approximate Total Hours 30 Hours 24 Hours
Psychological Testing Fee $8400 $6720
Deposit at Initial Meeting $4200 $3360

Returning clients and siblings in the same household have a $1680 discount.

What is included in the psychological testing fee?

Please note that we do not accept insurance

The initial meeting by video costs $280.

That is, if a family decides not to proceed with psychological testing, a fee of $280 is due at the end of the initial meeting.

If a family decides to proceed with testing, a fifty percent deposit is due at the end of the initial meeting, and the balance is due at the final meeting.

If a family decides to terminate testing before it is completed, billing will include services provided prior to termination, and the deposit remainder, if any, will be refunded.

Fees for other psychological services are payable at the time of service. Fees for services generally adjust annually, and returning clients will be required to sign an updated psychological testing consent form to receive services.

If there are any potential legal disputes, custody issues or parental conflict, the full fee is due at the end of the initial meeting if the family proceeds with psychological testing. Pre-payment for services preserves Dr. Pratt’s neutrality in the conflict.

Dr. Pratt accepts: (1) cash, 2) checks payable to The Pratt Center, or (3) PayPal credit or debit payments made through

Dr. Pratt reserves the right to assign billings to collection agencies if accounts are more than ninety days past due. The family is responsible for legal fees and other costs related to the collection of outstanding accounts.

For more information, please read the Psychological Testing Consent for Treatment form on the Download Forms Page.

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