In completing psychological testing, Rebecca will...

  1. Provide a psychological testing report that is concise, practical and easy to read

  2. Treat personal information about your family with respect and follow all laws regarding confidentiality

  3. Help you and your child to feel safe and comfortable throughout the psychological testing sessions

  4. Conduct thorough psychological testing that addresses the specific needs of your child

  5. Document your child’s strengths, accomplishments and interests

  6. Carefully review school records and previous psychological assessments

  7. Have only licensed psychologists with doctoral degrees administer psychological tests

  8. Administer only the most current psychological tests that match your child’s needs

  9. Answer your questions in a thorough, honest and compassionate manner

  10. Document the educational impact of issues on your child's daily life

  11. Help school staff to understand your child's needs at SST, 504 and IEP meetings

  12. Respect differences including those based on age, gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, religion and sexual orientation

  13. Work only within our scope of competence and refer to other providers when appropriate

  14. Collaborate with other professionals who work with your child

  15. Maintain all clinical records for ten years or until your child is 19 years old, whichever is later

Schedule Testing with Rebecca

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Dr. Rebecca MurrayMetzger specializes in psychological testing of clients 3 to 22 years old. Click here to enter Rebecca's online schedule.

Clients may schedule psychological testing or just an initial meeting. Clients are charged by the hour for our initial meeting; however, this fee is applied to the flat rate if a family decides to proceed with psychological testing. To save ten minutes of the initial meeting, please read, print and sign a psychological testing consent for treatment form from our Download Forms Page.

Please click on the grade level of the student for instructions on scheduling psychological testing:

Preschool | Elementary School | Middle School | High School | College

If you have questions about psychological testing, send an email to

Former Client Testimonials:

"Dr. Rebecca MurrayMetzger was amazing with my daughter. She was very responsive on email, patient with my 5 year old and answered all of our questions. I was uncertain about testing, but Dr. Murray Metzger's explanation of the results, along with her knowledge of local schools greatly assisted us in selecting the best options for her learning style. I strongly recommend her to anyone looking for IQ testing and/or a student evaluation."

"I collaborated with Dr MurrayMetzger on several occasions, and I found her to be a consistently kind and dedicated professional. Her psychological reports were thorough, and I appreciated her willingness to further discuss the issues as well as treatment recommendations highlighted in the report."

"We decided to have our 3.5 year old get IQ testing for possible private school placement. Thank God we found Dr. MurrayMetzger. Not only did she posses and apply an exemplary degree of skill and knowledge, she was genuine, down to earth, funny, and clearly devoted to what was in the best interest of our specific child and family. Though our time with Dr. MurrayMetzger was short, her help was very meaningful. It was worth every darn cent! I recommend her with heartfelt appreciation to any child and family."