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Scheduling Testing

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  • Initial Meeting
  • At the initial meeting, we spend about 90 minutes reviewing your child's history and determining if psychological testing is needed. The initial meeting is generally for parents only; however, adolescents 16 and older are welcome if issues can be discussed openly in front of them. To save time at the initial meeting, please read about how to Prepare for the Initial Meeting.

  • School Observation
  • The school observation lasts one hour, and it is a chance for the evaluator to see your child in the classroom and to talk with the teacher. Please note that the online scheduling system will send you a reminder for this appointment; however, parents should not come to the observation. For instructions on scheduling school observations, please click here.

  • Testing Sessions
  • Clients generally need five 110-minute psychological testing sessions. Because most tests are untimed, the number of sessions will vary by need. Please make sure that your child is well rested, well fed and healthy during the session. Testing will not be valid if a child is ill.

  • Final Meeting
  • The final meeting meeting is 90 minutes to review the results and recommendations of the psychological testing. A draft of the report is generally available at this meeting. This meeting must occur at least seven days after the last psychological testing session. If rating scales and school records are not received promptly, then it may delay the final meeting date.