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Psychological Testing, Ages 7-22

At The Pratt Center, we have specialized in psychological testing and school meeting support since 2000.

When a child is inattentive, anxious, depressed or struggling to learn, parents may feel unsure of the best ways to help.

Through psychological testing, we guide parents toward a greater understanding of the issues and effective solutions.

Parent reviews about Psychological Testing

"Wow. Cannot say enough good things about Dr. Brendan Pratt. Forthright, patient, insightful, helpful, funny, balanced, compassionate..."

"Dr. Pratt conducted the most thorough evaluation our son had ever had. We finally got a complete picture of why he struggled and what type of school environment and services would best be suited to help him reach his full potential. Dr. Pratt gave us a comprehensive report after spending many hours testing our son and many more hours poring over hundreds of pages of medical and educational records. He also came to the IEP to present his report and was able to effectively communicate to the district what our son needed from an educational stand point. I would give Dr. Pratt the highest recommendation possible and would encourage any parent who is considering an IEE to take the time to go to the Pratt Center."

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Dr. Brendan Pratt is a licensed psychologist who is qualified to give diagnoses, including specific learning disabilities (e.g., dyslexia), attention issues (ADHD), depression, anxiety and autism spectrum disorder.

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Dr. Pratt Attends School Meetings

If your child is struggling in school, psychological testing is generally the first step in clarifying your child's needs.

Testing results are often discussed at a school meeting, such as an IEP team meeting or a 504 meeting.

We take pride in our comprehensive, practical and compassionate approach to psychological testing. We ensure that parents and teachers understand the results and can use those results to support your child.

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Dr. Pratt specializes in psychological testing, and he does not provide psychotherapy. There are no therapists employed at The Pratt Center.

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