Anxiety Testing

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Although some stress is quite normal, too much anxiety can interfere with school, friendships and family relationships.

Some students become anxious during exams or social interactions, and others are too anxious to attend school.

Psychological testing can document the role of anxiety in a student's life and clarify practical steps to address the issue.

Dr. Pratt only does testing for anxiety as part of comprehensive psychological testing. For information, please click here.

Psychological testing for anxiety may be needed if your child:

  • Worries frequently that things will go wrong

  • Has significant test anxiety that interferes with performance

  • Mind "goes blank" when called on in class

  • Avoids socializing with other children

  • Fears minor changes in routine

  • Is rigid and perfectionistic

  • Panics on timed assignments and examinations 

  • Worries often about normal life events

  • Avoids having friends over

  • Refuses to participate in group activities

  • Imagines the worst and ruminates about fears

  • Overestimates danger and is preoccupied with unlikely catastrophes

  • Shows frequent signs of fearfulness, irritability and fatigue

  • Has sweaty palms, muscle tension, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, headaches and stomachaches

  • Avoids people and restricts activities

  • Has obsessive thinking and compulsive behaviors to ward off anxious feelings

To read parent reviews about psychological testing at The Pratt Center, click here. If you have questions about tests for anxiety or psychological testing, please email us at