Dr. Pratt Attends School Meetings

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School meetings by video after psychological testing

If a student is struggling in school, psychological testing is generally the first step in clarifying their needs. The results are often discussed at a school meeting, such as an IEP team meeting or a 504 meeting.

Dr. Pratt has attended hundreds of school meetings since 2000. He explains psychological testing results and helps the team to make decisions regarding qualification for special education, areas of need, placement, services and accommodations.

Dr. Pratt can help the family and school team to make appropriate decisions regarding psychological services, educational accommodations and special education services.

Dr. Pratt will generally audio record school meetings to ensure there is an accurate record and to allow participants to listen without needing to take notes. The family is responsible for providing 24 hour written notice to the school that the meeting will be recorded.

Psychological testing does not guarantee that a client will have a diagnosis. There is no guarantee that a client will qualify for special education services, which is the decision of an IEP team.

Dr. Pratt is not a special education lawyer or an educational advocate, and he gives only his own professional opinion. Dr. Pratt’s candid professional opinion will be provided at school meetings, regardless of whether it supports the position of the school district, client or family.