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Dr. Pratt provides psychological testing to students who are entering college or graduate school. Many students need accommodations during testing, such as extended time, due to the impact of a specific learning disability, attention problem, depression or anxiety. These accommodations level the playing field so that college entrance test scores reflect a student's actual aptitude.

Psychological testing can document the need for extended time on tests.

Each college entrance test has rules for documenting a disability through psychological testing. The guidelines specify who can administer psychological tests, which tests should be administered and how eligibility is determined. Dr. Pratt meets their guidelines for a qualified examiner and understands the process for securing accommodations. Below are some of the common tests for which Dr. Pratt has successfully received accommodations for students:
  • SAT Reasoning Test

  • SAT Subject Tests

  • ACT American College Testing

  • AP Advanced Placement Tests

  • LSAT Law School Admission Test

  • MCAT Medical College Admission Test

  • GMAT Graduate Management Admission Test

  • GRE Graduate Record Examination

If you have questions about psychological testing or accommodations on college entrance exams, please email Dr. Pratt at