Insurance and Medicare

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Dr. Pratt does not accept insurance for psychological testing or school meetings. Clients should not expect reimbursement for any services provided by Dr. Pratt.

Dr. Pratt does not comply with insurance company policies in any way. He does not call, write, fax or email insurance companies.

Insurance companies set the rules for reimbursement, and Dr. Pratt cannot provide any assurance that services will be covered.

Dr. Pratt is not on any provider panels and does not have a National Provider Identification (NPI) number.

Dr. Pratt does not complete insurance forms, regardless of what is on the form (e.g., pre-authorization forms, treatment plans, etc.). Dr. Pratt will not enter into contracts with insurance companies, including single-case agreements.

Insurance companies often do not cover psychological testing services. In addition, they are unlikely to reimburse fees that they do not deem medically necessary (e.g., school meetings, school observations, travel time, record review, achievement tests, legal proceedings, etc.). Video and telephone sessions are not generally reimbursed by insurance companies.

Dr. Pratt may provide an itemized invoice to the family. The Pratt Center Employer Identification Number (EIN) is listed on the invoice.

Dr. Pratt will not include, delete or alter information on an invoice to qualify for or increase reimbursement. To receive an invoice, the family must request it from Dr. Pratt directly. Dr. Pratt will not respond to correspondence from insurance companies. Dr. Pratt may provide one invoice per service, and he does not divide invoices when there are two households.