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Insurance and Medicare

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Clinicians at The Pratt Center do not accept insurance for psychological testing or psychotherapy.

Clients should not expect reimbursement for any services we provide.

Clinicians do not call, write, fax or email insurance companies. They do not complete any insurance forms regardless of what is on the form (e.g., pre-authorization forms, single case-agreements, treatment plans, etc.). Clinicians are not on any provider panels, and they do not have National Provider Numbers. The Pratt Center does not accept insurance or comply with their policies in any way. Clinicians will provide an itemized invoice to the family, and our Tax ID Number is listed on the invoice.

The Pratt Center has never participated in the Medicare program. Clients forego reimbursement from Medicare for all services provided at The Pratt Center. To be seen at The Pratt Center, clients must sign a private contract for services which is incorporated into our consent for treatment forms for therapy and testing. All of our clinicians have opted out of the Medicare program.

For more information about all of our policies, insurance and Medicare, please read the consent for treatment form from our Download Forms Page.

If you have any questions about our policies, please email us at