Assessment for Special Education

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Psychological testing is often a critical step in understanding a student’s unique educational needs. In addition to assessments completed by the school district, a family may want to clarify the student’s needs with an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE).

Dr. Pratt frequently completes psychological testing when an IEE is needed, and public school districts may reimburse the family for the cost of an IEE in some circumstances.

Dr. Pratt may be available to consult with the family and school personnel regarding the educational needs of a student. Psychological testing with Dr. Pratt does not guarantee that a student will have a diagnosis. There is no guarantee that the student will qualify for special education services, which is the decision of an IEP team.

Dr. Pratt is not a special education lawyer or an educational advocate, and he gives only his own professional opinion. Dr. Pratt provides his candid opinion, regardless of whether it supports the position of the school district, client or family.

Dr. Pratt spends the time needed to review all records and complete comprehensive testing, and parents and teachers often find it helpful to have an independent perspective. Testing can help the IEP team to make more informed decisions about special education eligibility, needed services, accommodations and school placement.