Reviews From Parents

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These anonymous reviews about psychological testing were posted by former clients to public websites. Consistent with the APA ethics code, Dr. Pratt does not solicit testimonials from current clients.


"Dr. Pratt tested our child when they were 7 years old, and it was the best thing we ever did in regards to pin pointing the educational help our child needed for their success. Our child has a high IQ and is very social but also exhibits ADHD to the point that it took a very patient and kind person like Dr. Pratt to get our child to take the battery of tests. It was great that Dr. Pratt was able to observe our child in the classroom and then meet with the team at our child's school to go over the best learning strategies/accommodations for them. This has helped our child to succeed over the past 6 years at their school, as well as advocate their needs. As a Mom, who's also an administrator and educator and has taught Kindergarten through Law School for the past 20 years, I can definitely say that Dr. Pratt is one of the best psychologists I've ever met. Thank-you, Dr. Pratt!!"


"It is my great pleasure to write this long overdue review for Dr. Brendan Pratt. He comes with our highest recommendation. I have just come home from an IEP meeting at my son's 9th grade school. It went incredibly well, thanks to the fantastic evaluation written by Dr. Pratt. The school psychologist said at our meeting that Dr. Pratt's report was one of the best he has ever seen, and it was obvious that he has worked successfully with many school districts and knows exactly what the district will require in order to provide services."


“Dr. Pratt is a LIFE SAVER... Words honestly cannot express my gratitude. As a single mother, I had done all I knew how to do for my son. After an IEP for my son, I knew I had to seek help, that what I was doing wasn't enough to really get the results I needed for my son. The school district really wasn't giving my son what he needed to succeed, and I wasn't going to see my son slip through the cracks of the system.

Dr. Pratt's complete evaluation of my son helped me understand exactly what was going on and what need to be done. When it came to the IEP meetings, he was there every step of the way. He made sure that everything my son needed to have a successful, productive education was met. My son ended up with exactly what he needs to succeed. My son and I are forever grateful to him for his help. He is the best!

If your child is having difficulty, keep advocating for your child, never give up. Dr. Pratt and his services are 5+ stars in my opinion.”


"The professionals at The Pratt Center have helped both of my kids by informing teachers of developmental issues and accommodations that made big differences in school performance and behaviors. My son was clinically depressed because of issues related to how teachers were treating him- a downward spiral that stopped with proper understanding. I highly recommend The Pratt Center!"


"Dr. Pratt conducted the most thorough evaluation our son had ever had. We finally got a complete picture of why he struggled and what type of school environment and services would best be suited to help him reach his full potential. Dr. Pratt gave us a comprehensive report after spending many hours testing our son and many more hours poring over hundreds of pages of medical and educational records. He also came to the IEP to present his report and was able to effectively communicate to the district what our son needed from an educational stand point. I would give Dr. Pratt the highest recommendation possible and would encourage any parent who is considering an IEE to take the time to go to the Pratt Center."


"Dr. Pratt has been invaluable in our emotional and educational path regarding our daughter. Ours is a complex situation, and Dr. Pratt has been there for us repeatedly over the five years we've worked with him. He administered my daughter's testing and made her feel comfortable and motivated. I believe the results are highly accurate. Understanding her strengths and weaknesses allowed us to work with Dr. Pratt to craft a plan for her educational needs. As it turns out, her academic needs were complicated and Dr. Pratt navigated the waters on our behalf. We were able to gain the services she needed, rather than the one the district was trying to sell us. It's been a few years in the making, but my daughter made the honor roll this past spring. Never did I think I'd be saying that. I am forever in Dr. Pratt's debt."


"Dr. Pratt is incredibly effective and professional but at the same time, very kind and caring. We are grateful that we approached Dr. Pratt when we first suspected learning disabilities with our son. Dr. Pratt was helpful beyond words. Our son, now in college, is confident and thriving, because of the guidance and help he received from Dr. Pratt."


"Dr. Pratt is very knowledgeable and evaluates and interacts with the patient with a lot of professionalism and care. He answered all my questions in details and was very responsive of requests outside our scheduled appointments. He was a strong advocate of our daughter and helped the school provide the appropriate intervention for our child."


"Dr. Pratt performed a full psych-ed evaluation, wrote a report and attended an IEP for my son who is entering high school. I know from past experience that without Dr. Pratt's report and support during the IEP, I probably would not have come close to receiving the services and accommodations my son will need to succeed in high school. Dr. Pratt was responsive and supportive throughout the process."


"Our experience with Dr. Pratt has been nothing short of miraculous. He built a rapport with our daughter right away and made her feel comfortable during the testing process. I found the results of the testing to be fair and accurate. We went through the process of testing and placement, and throughout the past five years he has advocated for our rights with the school district. He is particularly well versed in the school district regulations, as well as county, state and national laws. He often enlightened the school district staff and he did it with professionalism and respect. The outcome of the situation is that my daughter has accurate testing and has obtained services appropriate for her disability...not just what the district was handing out. My daughter is better for having Dr. Pratt on her side."


"Dr. Pratt's testing was a game changer for our son's education and self esteem. Our son was first tested by Dr. Pratt at 7 years of age. Dr. Pratt took the time to do things right. Understandably, our son's schools did not have the time or resources to do this. Dr. Pratt made an accurate diagnosis and practical recommendations for accommodations in school that resulted in our son learning well and being successful in school. Dr. Pratt even came to our son's school when it was needed. My son, now a thriving 20 year college student on the Dean's List, thoroughly enjoys learning and tutoring other students. We are thankful for Dr. Pratt and his empowering and extremely practical advice, which has allowed our son to succeed."


"We wish to give the highest endorsement of Dr. Pratt. He evaluated our son who was having a horrible time at school and based on an extremely through evaluation, worked with us and our school system tirelessly to get our son's needs met. We could not have gotten our son's needs met without him! He is hands down the best! His fees are extremely fair. He put a tremendous amount of effort into working with us and saw our family through an extremely difficult time. If you are having a struggle with your child with your local school system, you need Dr. Pratt! We are extremely grateful to him! You will not be disappointed!"