Psychological Testing Checklist

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Steps to take BEFORE the initial video meeting:


Dr. Pratt schedules all appointments online. To register and schedule an initial video meeting with Dr. Pratt, please click on Book Now below:

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Consent Form

Legally, Dr. Pratt needs a signed consent form before the initial meeting. The form will be sent to each family through DocuSign.

Initial Meeting by Video

The initial meeting by video is typically 50 to 70 minutes long. This meeting is a time to review the student's history and determine if psychological testing is needed. Dr. Pratt will send a video link the morning of the meeting.

If testing is needed, here are steps to take AFTER the initial meeting:

Deposit for Testing

Dr. Pratt will send a link to pay the testing deposit by debit or credit card.

Developmental Questionnaire

Dr. Pratt will send a developmental questionnaire through DocuSign.

In-Person Testing Sessions

Dr. Pratt completes all testing sessions in his Los Altos office, and sessions are typically 90-minutes long. Students should not come to testing if they are showing any signs of illness, and there is no late cancellation fee.

Release of Information

Dr. Pratt needs a Release of Information form to speak with teachers and other professionals who work with your child. The release form will be sent to the family through DocuSign.

Rating Scales

Parents and teachers will be asked to complete rating scales. You will receive two or three emails with a separate link for each form. There will be separate emails for each parent; rating scales are not valid when completed together. Dr. Pratt will contact you to discuss which teachers should receive these forms.


Parents gather records that Dr. Pratt needs for psychological testing. When available, Dr. Pratt prefers to have records in a PDF format. Please do not send jpg files. Please share records using Please create a folder with your child's name and share it with Dr. Pratt as an Editor with the email Please put all records in one folder with no subfolders. It is helpful to name records with the date first (e.g., "2023 01 02 IEP Initial"). Do not include the student's name in the file name.

Medical and Other Records

Dr. Pratt needs all medical, mental health and other records. Please see the link below for a list of Medical and Mental Health Records that are needed.

Educational Records

Dr. Pratt needs all educational records and previous evaluations regarding for the student. Please see the link below for a list of Educational Records that are needed.

For public schools, the request must be in writing, and they may charge a copying fee. It should take less than a week for the school and school district to send all educational records.

School Emails

Emails to and from your child's teacher and other school staff can provide Dr. Pratt with a more complete picture of your child's strengths, areas of concern and accommodations. Please gather any emails that would help to create an accurate picture of your child and their education. Please do not forward emails to Dr. Pratt; instead, print to PDF so they can be shared as a document. Emails can be uploaded to along with school records.

Digital Photos and Videos

Please email us a digital photo of your child. This helps Dr. Pratt to remember your child clearly over time. Please also share a few brief video clips of child in a comfortable setting, such as social interactions at home.