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Psychological Testing Checklist

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This checklist is for clients currently in the process of psychological testing with Dr. Pratt:

  1. Scheduling
  2. If you have not yet scheduled all needed appointments for psychological testing, you can enter our scheduling system by clicking on the button below:

    The scheduling system is down. I apologize for the inconvenience. To schedule, please email

    Thank you! Brendan

  3. Consent Form
  4. Legally, we need consent before we begin talking about your child. To save time during our initial meeting, please print, read and sign our consent form.

  5. Deposit for Testing
  6. We accept debit or credit cards through Paypal. Click here to Pay for Testing.

  7. Developmental Questionnaire
  8. Please complete our developmental questionnaire which helps us to learn about your child. It is in a PDF format so you can type your answers on a laptop or desktop computer. We do not recommend using a tablet or cell phone for this.

    Do not complete the form from a browser window because the results may not save correctly.

    Instead, please save the form to your desktop before typing anything. After you save your answers, please email the form to Dr. Pratt. To complete the questionnaire now, please click here.

  9. Rating Scales
  10. You should have received a packet from Dr. Pratt with rating scales for parents and teachers to complete. Please inform Dr. Pratt if you have not received one. Your child's school counselor can distribute the forms if your child has multiple teachers. There should be a separate set for each parent; rating scales cannot be completed together.

  11. School Records
  12. Please gather school records about your child. When available, we prefer to have records in a PDF format. Click here for recommendations on requesting school records.

  13. Digital Photo
  14. Please email us a digital photo of your child. We only use this to help us remember your child clearly.

  15. Release of Information
  16. Parents often ask us to speak with a teacher during a school observation or interview other professionals. In order to do this, we need your written consent. Please type, print and sign a Release of Information Form. Please include email addresses when available.

  17. School Meeting
  18. After testing is completed, Dr. Pratt often attends a school meeting to discuss psychological testing results.

  19. Questions
  20. If you have any questions, click here to email Dr. Brendan Pratt at