Medical and Other Records

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Dr. Pratt asks parents for copies of their child's medical and mental health records at the start of psychological testing. He needs all such records from birth to the present to complete a thorough and accurate report.

Dr. Pratt prefers records in a digital format, particularly PDFs. All files should be shared through Please create a folder using the full name of your child. Dr. Pratt should be listed as an editor for the folder so that he may access the files within. Alternatively, Dr. Pratt can scan and return paper records that parents bring to his office.

Medical and Mental Health Records

Below are some common records requested by Dr. Pratt to assist in his evaluations:

  1. Private evaluations including speech and language, occupational therapy, vision therapy, etc.

  2. Previous psychological or educational testing reports, including those completed at tutoring centers or for private school admissions

  3. Full medical records since birth from all medical practitioners, including pediatricians, psychiatrists, therapists, etc.

  4. All records from medical centers that have provided services, such as Kaiser, Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Stanford, etc.

  5. Psychiatric records including medications, hospitalizations and emergency mental health treatments

  6. Intake summaries, treatment plans and discharge summaries from mental health providers and residential treatment centers

  7. Reports from any specialists: audiologist, ophthalmologist, endocrinologist, cardiologist, etc.

  8. Reports from specialty clinics: PANS, Autism, ADHD, etc.

  9. Records from providers involved in gender-affirming care, such as the Gender Clinic at Stanford, the Child & Adolescent Gender Center at UCSF, etc.

  10. All other records about your child that are not yet included in this list

Please contact Dr. Pratt if there are any questions or concerns.